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Re: Viko 30s, the first of a new series, a change in paradigm.

Originally Posted by bjung View Post
Here you go again, with unsubstantiated claims.
Nowhere in this article is there a comment about the freeboard of the 22, or any other comparison drawn between the S30 and the S22!! Please point it out, if I missed it!
Maybe we should all just adopt the following rules:
1) Paulo is always right.
2) Should the occasion arise, where Paulo is actually wrong, then rule 1 will immediately go into effect.
The article says: "You have to look twice to realize that it really is a new Viko , because the boats of the Polish shipyard have been noticed especially by compromise space efficiency. That is an enormous amount of freeboard."

The Viko 22 is one of those earlier "boats of the Polish shipyard" characterized by "... an enormous amount of freeboard."

By contrast, the Viko 30s " significantly flatter than the previous models , is packed with harmonious deck lines and affects absolutely chic."

To those not caught up in a pissing contest, the comparison between the Viko 22 and the Viko 30s couldn't be clearer, in the original article. The contrast also includes the Viko 20, itself one of those earlier "boats of the Polish shipyard."

I, too, thought Robelz original comment was regarding the Viko 30s, not the Viko 22 (as I missed the reference in the subject line), and understood why Paulo asked for clarification. Robelz provided it; issue settled. Nothing else to see here. Move on.

I've got no dog in this fight but, frankly, I'm tired of Bob and his coterie contributing little of substance or value to this thread. I'm glad Bob claims to derive some satisfaction from frequenting it, but, his self-avowed "curmudgeon-ness" is really getting old and I, for one, would appreciate it if he would find some way to take the high road and rein in his snarky attitude.

Can we get back to interesting boats please?

We deal in lead, friend.
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