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Originally Posted by jrd22
The red over green lights positively identifies the vessel as a sailboat, no other vessel can display red over green(previous reply refers to red over white, which is a Pilot vessel). With lights on deck you will be identified as a "power vessel" when sailing at night. This is a dangerous situation when a power vessel fails to give you the right of way based on his assumption that you are also a power vessel. Masthead lights are a pain to replace though and add some weight and windage at the top of the mast. For cruising and ocean crossings, I'd go with the sailboat lights, red over green.
Oopsie!!! Red over White, is a fishing vessel NOT a pilot boat which is White over Red. Green over White is Trawling at night.
Next Oopsie: If you are a pure Sailing vessel (no engine) you don't need the Masthead light (that is what it is called). But if you have an engine, outboard/inboard it don't matter, you have to have that masthead light. (This one USCG Inspector is mistaken). Usually mounted about spreader height. This indicates that you are under power when lite. And if you have your sails up and the engine running you better have that masthead light turned on. FOR you are now a power driven vessel, sails or not, you are a power driven vessel and have to lighted as such. And fly the inverted cone during daylight hours also in this case. The USCG will ticket you big time. And under sail alone you will have it turned off to indicate that you are a sail boat. (Or a barge under tow) Sorry had to say that. Heh Heh Heh.

Opinion: The one thing I don't like about the tricolor light at the top of the mast for all of your lighting needs is that you are depending on one light bulb for your lighting needs... Now in wet windy weather when that bulb goes out, which one of you is going to climb the mast to replace it. That is if you have a spare on board.

Now for you single handers. Do you fly two black balls (NOT UNDER COMMAND) when you go below or taking a nap? And at night Two Vertical Red lights (NOT UNDER COMMAND)?? When you are down below or taking that needed nap?? Why Not? These signals are for your safety and the safety of others around you. The Seas are becoming More & More Crowded as manufacturing becomes more global. And this is with the big ships. And there more & more yachts out there also. I didn't even mention the thousands of fishing vessels out there.

Now for the Red over Green: Why not?? It identifies you as a sailing vessel. Two more lights that make you easier to see at night. Go for it.

LEDs bulbs are showing up on the market. The good thing is that they draw very little power. But the price is still half way to the moon. But the power consumption of the leds are so much less than the incadescent bulbs at they are worth the money. Easier on th batteries, etc. etc.

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