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Honda 4 stroke outboard

This question also posted on C&C Owners groups.

Looking for input from other Honda outboard owners who may have encountered same problem.

I have 7.5HP 4 stk circa 1979.

Works very well most of the time.

Occasionally it will stall. Usually about 5 - 10 minutes after first started and usually when departing a marina and shifting from reverse to fwd. (not very comforting). Only happens about 1 in 10 times.

Lower plug fouls a bit over time (one month of using every weekend). Upper plug does not foul. Using NKG plugs from Honda dealer.

Occasionally will skip while running.

A separate problem occurred initially this year but has since disappeared. Water pump was working but not pumping sufficient volume. Discharged water was scalding. After boat was docked it started to work fine and has worked well since.

What I am looking for here is others who have had similar symptoms and an idea of what fixes worked. Engine is on the way to the shop and I wish to have the dollars spent in the right places rather than on a tune up that does nothing.


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