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Glassed in keel bolts

This spring I had my Sun Odissey 36.2 hauled out for the second time since I bought her and I had to deal again with a feature that continues to puzzle me. The keelbolts are completely encapsulated in glass, which would be a great idea if corrosion only could penetrate from the top. Unfortunately The whole keel has had corrosion problems that initiated from the keel/hull interface. The first time I had to grind and epoxy 40% of the keel, and two years later I had again to address some corrosion areas. The biggest problem is the pocket at the top of the keel that is cutout to accomodate a small bilge portruding from the flat bottom hull. There is a space around the boxlike bilge that was originally filled with corrugatedd cardboard (!? what were they thinking???) and since the pocket in the metal is open on the port side and closed on the opposite it is almost impossible to clean and dry. So after trying to finish from the outside with glass and epoxy two years ago, I now found a huge blisterlike shape developing and I had again to try to clean it and glass it in, with the prospect that it will be forever part of the routine when hauling out.
The issue that bothers me is that with encapsulated keelbotls that I cannot inspect, and corrosion problems starting from the joint, I don't know how long this system will keep the keel in place until I loose it without any warning signs.
Anybody got any clue what the designers were thinking on an otherwise well thought out boat?

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