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Re: What stops Americans cruising the world?

As they say in racing school "Get your head out of the boat!". You're suffering from perspective.
"...Americans or those who have replied have less inclination to travel away from there own country as Europeans. I agree it is far easier for us to travel within Europe."
You've got that backwards. The first time I had a relative from overseas visiting, we took a roadtrip. Four hours on the highway and she asked why we hadn't crossed any Customs stations yet. Well, for the vast majority of America? You can drive twelve hours and you're still in America. You can drive 24 hours and STILL BE IN AMERICA. So it is not a matter of being less inclined, but simply a matter of any short trip being a trip that can't reach the borders. Oh sure, you can fly. And again, why spend ten hours in the air flying to Europe when two will bring you to the Carib, or the Rockies, or another vacation hot spot without wasting a whole day in the air?
Much of the world has become a uniform melting pot, and we can find that in our own cities without all the travel. Much of the world has become less exotic. Fifty years ago, you couldn't find US fast food chains in London or Paris. Today? They infest the world and "local" norms are far more uniform than they used to be.
How many States are there in the EU? We've got 50 plus here, so one could easily say that "EU" residents are the ones who aren't getting "out of town" they're just visiting the next state in their own Union these days.

"Americans think that so many other countries hate Americans. I think you would find that you will be welcome in most places with open arms."
In many places, yes. In many places, we're greeted with open hostility and we're the target of kidnappings and other violence. That's not a problem in France or Germany perhaps, but you can visit our State Department's travel advisory site to see where kidnappings and ransoms have been a bigger problem. And not just for Americans.
I'm sure a number of folks say "Why worry? We can just go to Disneyworld!" and they've got a vacation without any of those concerns. And they'll still enjoy it.

"put some beers in the fridge for us."
Oh, hadn't you heard? We're like our British cousins, we always like our beer at room temperature, we stopped chilling it ages ago. (VBG)
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