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What you call "sharing", I call "a needless intrusion into my time and space". What you call, or rather misspell as "a Graet Commandment", I call hallucinated marching orders no different in quality from a homeless person's street corner rant. The fact that your handle is "Missionary", to my mind one of the most destructive, bigoted and ignorant of all avocations, tells me you and your kind only find happiness in pimping for your fictional deity's illusory game plan, because you only understand fear and retribution. Frankly, if your bacon-hating, foreskin-loving sociopath of a godlet existed, he'd magically manifest to every living person, and not rely on a pathetic army of boring pamphleteers to "spread the good news" about your slave faith.

Religion, like most fantasies, should be kept private. I promise not to tell you about mine if you'll shut the **** up about yours. In the meantime, I'll be cruising...away from well-intentioned mental cases who bleat about love and long as it's their love and compassion.
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