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STINKPOTS! A question... A rant...

OK, I guess that all of us here on this site (or at least most) have (or would like) a sailboat for various reasons.

I can see the general dislike among the boaters out there by what type of boat you have, a 'blowboat' or a 'stinkpot'. We all know this.

Being a newly reformed powerboater myself and now under sail I notice things that I find just defies logic on all levels.

We know that the blowboaters hate the stinkpots and the feeling is pretty much reciprocated from the powerboaters. Then you find out that the cats (even though a sailing vessel) although not so much hated but frowned upon from the monohulls. But yet almost ALL of us have a good ol' fashioned piston engine in the very boat we sail. Some of the sailors even go hog wild on their 'tender' or 'dingy' motor! Sailors use the words like "I can get this baby on plane with 3 people, two coolers, and three bags of trash". But I ask, this is 'not' a stinkpot?

From me personally I have seen what idiots powerboaters can be. But to be completely honest, I see that 'most' sailboats are nothing more than a slow power boat with a big pole sticking up from their deck. But now that I am under sail I see what idiots the blowboaters AND the stinkpots can be. I guess it all comes down to the skipper.

I love boats. Big or small, power or sail, hell you can be in a old plywood flat bottom for all I care. To me they are all still boaters and doing what they love, 'being on the water'. Do we hate each other so much as to cloud our perception of why we ALL do what we do?

At what point, or at what HP, or at how much fuel consumption does one need to have or not have to be a stinkpot or not?

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