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Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves

I am assuming you are on Tortola.

If you get a chance, do pick up the Island''s seasoning salt sold there. The Pusser''s they built in Charleston, SC, did have it, but they have since closed, and I ran out about a month ago. Am getting more in a month or two from a friend. Is a lovely blend of sea salt and mace and other spices. You may be able to buy it from the Pusser''s there in Roadtown, if not they have it at Bobby''s. Just beside Pusser''s, Roadtown there used to be a wonderful English pub that served an excellent dinner, or a "Ploughman''s lunch" of cheese and bread, and sausage, if you wished. If you have time to eat out at night, please go to C&Fs. Just ask the cab driver to take you there. It''s a medium scary ride, about halfway up the mountain, so be prepared. I know it looks like an enclosed carport, and it actually is just that, but you will get so much absolutely delicious food for your money!! Oh, I hope it is still there for you! Had many, many great meals there.

As for bringing things from the states, it has ALWAYS been illegal to bring fresh meat there, whether by air or sea. Steaks and other fresh meat may be more expensive, but please realize that you are in their country, and support the local businesses.

And, if you do end up having to give things away, please know that these people have nothing like you and I. Whether you give your leftovers to the men in the dinghy shack or the people at the dock who are there working charters (the captains and their crew), please know that everything is very much appreciated, and everything is shared, and sometimes very much needed. Captains are not there getting rich, believe me. I remember very well one time we were stuck there for 4 and a half weeks waiting for a coming-out-of-charter boat to be readied for return to the states. Very little money was made available to us by the delivery company for the layover, but the people we had given spare fuel cans and extra food to on previous trips left, in our cockpit, delicious meals cooked by themselves or their wives, expecting no thanks. Saved us from having to go the ''happy hour'' route many nights. So, please, with all we have here, don''t be upset at having to give a bit away.

Hope you have a lovely time on your charter,

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