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Originally Posted by ImASonOfaSailor
I always forget on how to remember what side is what, I do know Port is the left side of the boat.
As you're facing forward, yes.

Originally Posted by ImASonOfaSailor
How do all of you remember this,
This is going to sound weird, but here's what my mother told me when I was a child "The way you remember is that you always drink port with your left hand." I don't know where she got that from. Nobody else has ever heard of it, that I've ever known. But it did serve as a very effective mnemonic for me all these years. (And there've been quite a number of them since she told me that.)

Originally Posted by ImASonOfaSailor
what about another boat that is headed toward you who has the right of way?
The author of Sailing Fundamentals discourages the use of the term "right of way." He feels it imparts an unsafe attitude. The correct terms are "stand-on" and "give way" vessels. (Btw: IIRC, that same author then goes on to use the term "right of way" later in the book.) But to answer your question: The boat on the port tack is the give way boat, unless the other boat is not under command (unlikely) or is a commercial vessel (also unlikely, in this day-and-age). (I think those are the only exceptions, but I'm a n00b to this, too, so caveat emptor!)

I have found it useful to memorize The Rules of the Road by which vessel is the give way vessel for each.

You might find useful the thread I started, Rules of the Road: Precedence?, over in the Learning to Sail sub-forum. You will also find other threads about TROTR in that sub-forum. (N.B.: That list is not comprehensive, in that it address' only sailboat vs. sailboat rules.)

Originally Posted by ImASonOfaSailor
I was told if the sails are on the left side (port side) then you are on a starboard tack? Is this true what are some tricks to remember this?
Yes, yes and yes: The side over which the wind is coming is the tack you're on.

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