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Originally Posted by 7tiger7
Hi Everyone -
I sort of jumped into buying my first boat today, a 1976 Catalina 27', with tiller and diesel Yanmar.
Congratulations! (IMO that's the best combination for that boat.)

We were considering a Cat 27 w/outboard, but decided we wanted something with a bit more room down below, for extended cruising, and an inboard engine. (Same reason.)

Originally Posted by 7tiger7
The boat is in better condition than most other 1970-era boats I've seen, but the spreader brackets are cracked,
You'll need to replace those right away. If they fail under load the entire mast may come down, which won't be pretty. Catilina has a replacement kit with stainless brackets and a compression (really anti-compression) tube. (There are a couple tricks to getting that pesky (anti-)compression tube in place. Goggle for it.

Originally Posted by 7tiger7
My question is - what should I check out on the boat now that I have it, and what should I do while it is in dry dock?
What the others have said. In addition: C-27 Known Problems.

I don't see this mentioned on that page: The Cat-27 mast is stepped to the deck. Below that there's a compression post that runs from under the mast step to the sole of the cabin. Under that is a compression block between the cabin's sole and the hull. That compression block is wood and it's in the bilge. It's common in older C-27s for the compression block to soften and rot after being exposed to too much water, too often, for too long. (Go figure, eh? ) Google for "C-27 compression block" and similar terms for info on this. The guy whose boat we were considering had his C-27 on the hard for a year, re-fitting her. He drilled both that compression block and the wood filler in the bilge (over 300 small holes in that latter piece, he said) and injected some kind of epoxy the (dried) wood would absorb, then painted both with barrier coat (IIRC).

(Btw: If anybody's in the market for a C-27 [tiller and 9.9HP outboard] in the S.E. Michigan area, apparently in top condition and with lots of upgrades, I know right where you can find one.)

Good luck and have fun!

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