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'Heads Up' On Sailing Movie (1978)

Came across reference to this on the Internet. Sounds like it's worth watching.

Released 25 September 1978 (USA) (TV)
Runtime 96 min
Cliff Robertson
Angie Dickinson

6.7 out of 10 stars at IMDb

Overboard (1978) (TV)

IMBd Reviews:

Haunting and chilling suspense/romance/adventure film aboard a sailboat in the Pacific--
I saw this 1978 "made-for-TV" film the first time it was aired, and once or twice since then (though not recently) and have never been able to forget it. It is one of the most haunting, beautiful, and chilling movies I have ever seen. Stunningly filmed in the Pacific and Tahiti, it is believably acted, and the story is original (though its theme is universal). This was made WAY before "Dead Calm," another favorite of mine, but in "Overboard" fate is the villain. The story involves an attractive, affluent married couple (Dickinson and Robertson in their primes) who -- at sailing fanatic Robertson's suggestion -- decide to sail their gorgeous yacht together to Tahiti (along with their cat) to recharge their relationship and add some spice and excitement to their somewhat dull upper-middle-class lives. Their adventure accomplishes both of these goals as it progresses from the ordinary and banal to its unexpected and chilling conclusion. It is especially fulfilling because it was made before American movies became dominated by crass taste, coarse language, and adolescent mindsets.
Eerie and compelling--
"Overboard" was broadcast on daytime TV today. It's a fascinating character study of two flawed individuals who are constantly seeking answers and fulfillment in their lives.

Beautifully photographed and tragic in its execution this is one TV movie that has been shamefully overlooked. One of Angie Dickinson's best ever performances - on a par with her turn in "A Sensitive, Passionate Man" - also broadcast on Irish TV last year.
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie years ago--
I saw this movie starring Angie Dickinson and Cliff Robertson only twice. It is worth issuing back on video, or dvd. My opinion is that it is more to the point of the topic of "Overboard". There is a "realness" out on the sea, and I of course am an Angie fan. Anyone who liked this movie, would definitely like "Adrift" with Kate Jackson and Kenneth Welsh...chilling, and suspenseful, and also on the Pacific. I have been searching for this "Overboard" for exhaustive search. Please help.
Overboard is a gem. Unforgettable!--
"Overboard" is a gem of a movie. It stands far above the vast wasteland of made for TV movies. What makes it so memorable for me, even after 20 years, is that it breaks all of the usual formulas and rules, shedding the obvious action-adventure treatment for something truly different and in my opinion far better, and deeper.

Filmed on location in the South Pacific with excellent photography and production values, director John Newland weaves the tale and the able cast into a rich fabric that will keep you thinking for a long time to come. Though the characters are well developed, they are intentionally ambiguous, inviting personal interpretation.

The director and cast peel back the layers of a troubled couple's relationship: the human emotions; the failings; the ambitions; and the hidden agendas, and strike a very dark, ominous tone. It's moody, broody and nostalgic, but strangely satisfying. It grabs you and pulls you in. Like it or not, you are dragged along as if by a powerful force of nature. You think you know where the sailboat is headed, and perhaps the characters as well. But you don't!

How well do we really know each other? And ourselves?
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