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Re: How do you feel about catamarans?

Blue water multis are a different animal. Just like there are coastal, blue water and high latitude monos same applies. Issues with increased frontage have been discussed when a new production cat ran into trouble on an earlier thread. Issues of flat or decreased height under the bridge deck of some multis has been discussed as well. The Chris White boats are built in Chile. Hull #1 was sailed from there to Annapolis for the show. Around the CAPE to my understanding. They saw some weather but did fine. There is no reason a properly executed multi would not be as safe or safer than a mono in blue water.
In past heard an axiom in weather "you take care of a multi and a mono takes care of you". I think this was alluding to the relative ease of various storm tactics for monos compared with multis. There is nothing comparable to dropping sails - throwing out the series drogue - putting in the boards and going down below - without ever leaving the cockpit ( which I and many mono sailors can do) when setting up a multi to find its way. I would think setting up a parachute with a bridle off the bows of a cat in a storm would be more problematic. Still as more multis come into use storm tactics for them continue to be refined and again they can be just as safe. I'm not cued into the details but believe some advise running off or other tactics rather than the old storm sea anchor strategy of the past and would like to hear more about this from more knowledgeable people.
I was fascinated by the Neel boats as unlike most tris there is considerable usable space below. They do not run into the same issues as cats in a sea way which have the bridge deck brought forward to expand room below. One still runs into the issue of expense. To be safe in blue water a cat needs to be >40-45' and strongly constructed using high tech materials. This results in expense of roughly double that of a mono the same size. Admittedly you get much more room below but most of us don't need or want 3-4 staterooms. Operating costs are higher as well.
If I had a spare million I would be all over getting a multi. They are great boats even for doing all the capes. They are just not a viable option for most of us even those buying new boats.

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