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Re: How do you feel about catamarans?

[*]How well do they move in light air (more wetted surface)?
--well, this is going to depend very much on the cat itself and then it depends on how heavily you load it down. A FP will do better than a Leopard but not as well as a Gunboat or Outremer etc.

[*]Do you fly a spinnaker or code 0 to keep her moving in light air?
--I would, yes. Actually a screacher.

[*]A cat like the Fontaine Pajot 38 I posted has a 20 foot beam. How difficult is it to find a slip?
--I delivered my Catana from Virginia/Chesapeake down to my home in Mississippi, and didn't have any problem finding a slip and was always charged per length.
[*]When you find a slip are you paying more?
[*]How about winter storage, do yards charge more for a cat?
--What is this 'winter' thing? I sail all year. I would be surprised if they didn't, but you'd have to call the yards.

[*]Can that boat be hauled with a normal travel lift?
--yes, if the lift is big enough. My beam is 20'

[*]If you go aground how difficult is it to get a cat unstuck (two hulls, can't rock her)?
--I don't know if I've ever heard of someone grounding that hard in a cat, ever. I guess you'd have to go out the way you came in. Given that the hulls are narrower, you might have more joy that way.

[*]Are your rudders exposed if you ground in shallow water?
--I'm not sure what this means. Do a search for 'catamaran beaching,' people careen cats with some frequency to do work on them. Some cats have transom-hung rudders that would pull up (older Gemini) but most are spade/underhung.

[*]How hard is it to open the stack pack and get that big sail up?
--Husband does it all by himself, since I'm on the helm keeping her head to wind, since the friggin' autopilot is a POS. I built my own stack-pack with an eye to simplicity, but packs aren't all the same.

[*]It's obvious when it's time to reef on my boat. Without the feedback of heeling can you feel when it's time to reef or do you keep an eye on wind speed?
--My cat gets some fairly heavy weather helm, but I do watch the windspeed. At 20kt the reef goes in. Again, this varies per cat: heavier less 'performance' oriented cats will reef later. REEF FOR THE GUSTS.

[*]How well does a cat handle the confused water and steep boat wakes that you see in shallow, crowded coastal areas?
--Mine does just fine, I think I roll less than the monohulls I've watched.

[*]In a crowded anchorage will a cat swing differently than the monos that may be anchored around it?
--Not in my observation, but I have 20-something years in cats and I know how to rig a good bridle. It has been my observation in a couple of instances that my cat hunts the anchor less than a couple of monos parked next to me, and frankly THEY scared me…

[*]What are some things about cats that a mono sailor might not think to ask?
--I've really never been in monohulls except as crew for racing, I have no earthly idea, sorry.

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