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Viko 30s / Viko 22s

A last post, since I have posted relevant information regarding the differences and similitude between the ViKo 30S and the Viko 22S, I mean regarding this subject:

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Not long ago I posted about the Viko 30s a boat designed by Sergio Lupoli and made in Poland:

I had the opportunity to see the boat in Dusseldorf...and it looks good. The finish is nothing special but I would say average but the design is great and the price is incredible. Lots of small boats made in Poland but generally with not with interesting designs. If I was starting sailing or if I had not much money but wanted a modern coastal cruiser....well, I would look to this one seriously: A lot of boat for the money and some sailing fun too.

The wheel really looks odd on this boat but there is a version with tiller that makes more sense.

Originally Posted by robelz View Post
Well, YACHT magazine called the VIKO the worst boat they've ever tested...
Originally Posted by PCP View Post
That's interesting but vague. Can you give more details about that? Why do have they said that: Regarding sailing?, regarding build quality? That's kind of odd because the designer is a well known one and this design is very similar with another one that is a popular fast and good sailboat. Are you sure you are talking about the Viko 30s?

I cannot find any test on the boat by


Only this first impression is very positive not negative:

"At the stand of the Polish shipyard, a surprise awaits visitors: beautiful lines instead of the current maximum space efficiency. You have to look twice to realize that it really is a new Viko, because the sailboats of the Polish shipyard have been noticed by compromise sailing regarding interior space.They normally have a big freeboard: The Vikos belong to the type of boats that are currently being built in the small cruiser segment and the best. The Poles have their market share in Germany by offering boats not compromised by a reasonable price.

The Viko 30S is significantly less voloninous than the previous models, is designed with harmonious deck lines and it looks absolutely chic.

Regarding the price, the Poles want to score: 29.900 euros for a 31-foot sailboat, is very good. That would be actually sensational. So what's going on? Germany importer André explains the design change of paradigm: "The shipyard plans to establish a second line, so the change on style. The 30S is a design by the Italian Sergio Lupoli, who also works for Comar Yachts."

Strictly speaking, the Viko 30S is the same design as the Comet 31s, but it has been modified in many details of Viko: "The shipyard has invested heavily in the future and a 35s, 40s and even 50s will follow." The previous old type of small voluminous boats will continue to be produced in parallel as a second line."


Viko Yachts: Hanseboot-Premiere VIII: Viko 30S - Yachten + Jollen*|*YACHT.DE

Again, are not you talking about one of those previous fat models? Are you talking about the Viko 30s? Can you point me to that test? I would like to read it since it seems odd to me that they had said that regarding a boat that has obviously a good design.


Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
"That's interesting but vague."
You are funny Paulo. How can calling a boat "the worst boat they have ever tested" be vague? It seem extremely definitive to me, anything but "vague".
Originally Posted by bjung View Post
No, Paulo, I understood just fine, and my post was not reinforcing your comments, quite the contrary. Maybe YOU do not understand !? I was referring to, as the subject line clearly states, the Viko S22, designed by Sergio Lupoli (same designer as the S30 ), the FIRST of a new line.
For accuracy's sake, the article you quoted never mentions that the S30 is a completely different boat than the S22, as you claim. It mentions, however, that the S30 is different from the previous high freeboard, voluminous line of boats (which will remain in production ), and presents a second line of production designed by Sergio Lupoli, just as the S22, the first of the line, I humbly posted about.
The same designer, the same builder, the same building, the same line of production...
I guess we will find out the details, when they actually sail the S30. Maybe she will pass the heeling test without taking on water, stay tuned...
I will however grant, that she is a decent looking boat.
Originally Posted by bjung View Post
Here you go again, with unsubstantiated claims.
Nowhere in this article is there a comment about the freeboard of the 22, or any other comparison drawn between the S30 and the S22!! Please point it out, if I missed it!
Maybe we should all just adopt the following rules:
1) Paulo is always right.
2) Should the occasion arise, where Paulo is actually wrong, then rule 1 will immediately go into effect.
Originally Posted by robelz View Post
Sorry for confusing you all. Of course the S22 was the boat that YACHT hated...
I did not posted it here at the time because I did not want to increase conflictuality but I think that the information contained here will be relevant to understand what this was all about and why Viko 30S is not the same type of boat as the Viko 22S, except in what regards general looks. Yiu can find the comparison here:

Interesting Sailboats

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