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The IC-M802 is the only one I know of that does what the 802 does (although it doesn't rx or tx in the 2m band but I wouldn't really expect it to), but I am relatively new to ham and haven't really checked out the 802's competition all that much.

I did notice this on ICOM's website about the 802, so you might want to make sure you get one that has the mod done already. It is certainly on my short list and I have seen the backstay setup and, done correctly, it looks great.


"IC-M802 Technical Notice
For a while now, we have received isolated reports of audio “clipping” during transmit regarding the M802. The exact symptom is when the operator speaks, on certain voice patterns, the receiving party may hear part of the word being cut out and then the transmission quickly comes back. The operator may hear a few more words and then the symptom would repeat.

After considerable research into this issue, Icom has identified that this occurs when the radio’s antenna system is generating an SWR of 1.6 or more.

Proper installation and maintenance of an antenna system may help reduce your SWR and if you have any questions about your antenna system, please consult a qualified marine electronics dealer.

But there are antenna situations where the SWR may be higher than 1.6 (depending on a number of factors).

Icom has discovered an improvement that will make sure the radio will not “clip”, no matter the SWR.

If you would like to have this improvement installed in your equipment contact Icom’s service department [] or 425-454-7619 for further information. Please be aware that this modification will help with the “clipping” issue only. If you have other issues, again, please consult a qualified marine electronics dealer. Please note that this improvement will be in all future M802’s from Icom."
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