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Re: How do you feel about catamarans?

Originally Posted by TropicCat View Post
Wow .....More internet armchair experts...................................... very impressive as every monohull caught in that same storm rolled, and was dismasted with serious injuries and deaths. Your ignorance ..........
I'm afraid you have incorrect information about the QB storm. Haven't you posted this before on another site and been corrected and given references?

Every catamaran in the survival area was incapacitated and the crews rescued, of the around 32 sailboats boats logged in the storm 3 were cats one of which was on the periphery which reported much more benign sea state than those rescued experienced.

The inquiry found that the main reason for the mono-hull problems was a lack of knowledge of heavy weather tactics. They noted that of the 14 mono-hulls that hove-to none had any problem or injury. All the problems came from running or the decision to simply lie ahull. The lost boats skipper was told he could lie ahull but said he didn't know how to ! He carried on running towing nets and eventually after a heavy battering sank from accumulated downflooding.

Of the 9 boats in the fleet that issued dstress calls:
One monohull that issued a mayday later cancelled it.
7 boats crews were taken off.
One sadly sank with all hands.

2 of those rescued were the catamarans ( all the cats in the survival area). One cat was recovered and towed to Tonga afterwards. But both cats lost their steering in the storm or even in the lead up to the worst of the storm. Both cat crews stated that they felt they had been close to inversion several times.

Of the few monohulls rolled 'Silver shadow' rolled and lost its mast. 'Pilot' a 32 foot boat rolled fractured itís mast but the mast remained intact
'Pollen path' rolled and the mast remained intact and it continued to Tonga after the storm.
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