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Re: Irwin - Bluewater Capable???

Originally Posted by Total Chaos View Post
I can't speek to any of the small Irwins, as we are a 65, but our stantions go compeletely through the toe rail, and the flange and into a wood block which is incapsulated in glass, each stantion was orignally beddd in something that resembels 4200, there was resin in every wood block as evidenced by our drilling each one out slightly oversize and then sealing with thickened epoxy and dowling and re-boring each and then sealing again with expoy, then setting the stantion in 4200. The stantions are very, very strong...
Same on my 1984 38... Chuckles, All I can think of is either a repair was done incorrectly in the past on your boat to the stanchions -or- things toward the end there at Irwin got a bit unpredictable and you may have been a victim of a design change. Also is it a regular Irwin 38 or a Citation 38? Bizarre. I can quite clearly see the block areas that my stanchions go into. I have not taken them apart to verify the pass through, but the conversations with Gene that I have had indicated the 38's had the same design as the others in this regard. I specifically talked to him on the phone about getting the stanchions re-bedded down at the "Irwin" marina as the last thing I get done to her before heading out for good...

My overall understanding is that the whole point of the 38s was to be a more "bluewater" version of the popular 37. Stronger designs and options like the switchblade keel etc. were all toward that end. Mine is built like a tank. Every mechanic that has touched her here in the Annapolis area has remarked on her construction. The surveyor also fell in love with her. I'm sorry your boat isn't the same experience as mine... Really, I am. I have read though that at the end the factory was throwing things together pretty willy-nilly after Irwin died and things were falling apart. All of this is conjecture of course, but I don't know what else could explain these glaring differences other than what I put forth above.
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