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Celestial Navigation? Forget it!

I am 38 years old. You calling me old? LOL

You don''t have to plop down a lot of money on a dusty sextant to have one. I have one, land-locked tho I am at the moment, that was a second to a friend of mine. And yes, I will have a sextant onboard any time I am at sea. I do not consider the time spent "wasted", especially since I learned the ''whole bunch of crap'' before I found out there are calculators that will take your readings and do the calculations for you. The calculators are nice to have, but - what if there are no batteries, no electricity? What happens if, God forbid, you are at sea and the powers that be shut down the satellites, or there is an electromagnetic pulse to render the electricity useless? You gonna blow around trying to dead reckon 3,000 miles out?

Never ridicule anyone for their knowledge just because you can''t do the same. Instead, try to learn the same and not brag about what you can pay for. If batteries are worthless, what good is your money?

And, last of all, if everyone drops everything overboard and all the equipment sinks, who will be better able to figure where they are - someone who has been looking at a screen (which is no longer there at all), or someone who has been looking to the skies - which remain unchanged?


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