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No, not speed. The kind you tie

So The Admiral and I have been studying. Of the three books we have, here's a list of the knots they recommend you know and what I understand of them:

Bowline (pronounced bow-lynn)

Used for: Attaching sheets to a sail. Suitable for many other tasks

Does not slip under (varying) load, very secure.

Clove Hitch

Used for: Tying-up to a fixed point (post, spar, etc.) for short-term
mooring, or for hitching fenders to a rail.

Fairly secure under load. Unsecure when unloaded. Make it somewhat
more secure with a long working end. (Rolling Hitch is more secure.)

Figure-Eight (aka: Stopper Knot)

Used for: End of a line to prevent it from slipping through blocks
and fairleads.

Fisherman's Bend

Used for: Tying an anchor rode to the anchor or a mooring warp to
a ring.

More secure than round turn and two half-hitches. Very secure when

Half-Hitch and Slipped Half-Hitch

Used for: Temporarily tying up to a ring. Temporarily hanging

Somewhat secure when under load. Unsecure when unloaded. (Round
Turn and Two Half-Hitches is much more secure.)

Reef Knot (aka: square knot)

Used for: Tying reefs in big sails. Tying two equally-sized lines

Secure under load. Unsecure when unloaded. The Zepplin Bend is
far surperior for tying two lines together.

Rolling Hitch

Used for: Tying to spars or posts. Unloading a jammed sheet.

Very secure under load. Relatively secure when unloaded.

Round Turn and Two Half-Hitches

Used for: Tying-up to a fixed point (post, spar, ring, etc.)

Very secure under load. Relatively secure when unloaded. Easy to
untie under load. Good for moorings. (Fisherman's Bend is more

Sheet Bend, Double Sheet Bend

Used for: Tying two differently-sized ropes together. Belaying to
a cleat.

Very secure under load. Unsecure (except to a cleat) when unloaded.

Zepplin Bend (aka: Rosendahl Bend)

Used for: Tying two ropes of the same size together.

Exceedingly secure under any load, or none at all.

The Zeppelin Bend (Rosendahl Bend)

The Zepplin Bend is compliments of Valiente.

The secure/unsecure comments come from a combination of what the books say and my own impressions from fooling with them. I'm certainly open to corrections in those comments, in particular.



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