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Jas...brings up a good point. Working the docks here I have seen it all and sometimes you can see it unfolding in slow motion in your mind before it actually happens. (G)

Since we're on the topic of docking I'll hijack this a bit and make some comments abut coming into a dock in a marina as a TRANSIENT.
1. Ask the dockmaster WELL in advance what the tieup will be and carry lines of sufficient length to tie yourself intro any slip. It is difficult to tie up a 27 foot boat in a 4 point tie in a 40 foot slip with 8 foot docklines!!

2. Rig the lines (and fenders) BEFORE you enter the marina.

3. If the dockhand tells you to do something...don't play "captain". He's docked 1000's of boats in those slips and is aware of tide, current and wind. Chances are you'll be better off if you listen. YES...there are LOADS of know nothings on docks that will do nothing except what you tell them to do (if that)...but when someone TELLS you to do something...chances are they know what they are doing.

4. Don't yell at your wife. Sorry guys but too often I see a lady who clearly does not know what she is doing...trying to lasso a piling or hold a boat from crashing into the dock....and a guy at the wheel who can't control the boat yelling at her. Always says more about the captain than the mate IMHO. Docking is the toughest part of handling any boat...mistakes will be made by all. No need to assign blame in public. You won't be getting any tonite if you do!! (G)
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