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JK...The lasso thing takes a lot of practice..not much good at it myself. Dock guys play with ropes all day and I've even seen some "lasso" a cleat and tie a figure 8 knot on it one handed! ....But you CAN learn to throw a line over a piling (not a loop...the line) pretty easily IF you rig LONG lines that are capable of RETURNING to your boat from the piling. Then when you just loosen one end on your boat and pull in the line.
The trick for throwing the line over he piling is to split the coiled line into TWO sections with one section in each hand. Throw the coil in one hand at a spot OVER and BEYOND th piling and as you toss, open the palm of your other hand so the line can play out easily.
Finally... if you do use a loop...have a nice long boat hook handy and use that to place the loop on the piling. Once you have one piling done...leave the line VERY long on the cleat and use the boat hook to push off the 1st piling and drift the boat over to the other piling where you can put the other loop on. Only once you have both loops on should you adjust the lines on deck. In most slips with rear poles to tie will NEED a line from ONE pole to the mid-ship cleat on your boat to preven the boa from going further forward into the slip and hitting the front of the dock. This will need to be a very long line and it is a pain rigging it one the stern is all tied be prepared with three lines to begin with and rig them all at once!

Hope that helps a bit. The key is having the right tools...long lines and long boat hooks! If HE can afford a chartplotter he can afford to make YOUR job easy and safe!! Never jump off the boat if it is is the captains job to put her in the slip without risking your safety. Fiberglass repair guys are still slightly cheaper than surgeons!

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