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Re: How do you feel about catamarans?

Originally Posted by smj View Post
...... Obviously you have a distaste for cats. Please tell me your experience sailing them. I've sailed both cats and monos and prefer cats but I don't have anything against monos. I realize the positive and negative aspects of both.
No distaste. But soon as conditions deteriorate a sailing Cat is only as safe as the on watch skipper and needs a lot of care. It's important to understand why. Extraordinary caution is required for safe operation in heavy weather and itís usually experienced skippers that have ended up in trouble trying to sail on in dangerous weather. If skippers don't understand the need for extraordinary caution why is that? People posting disinformation certainly won't help best practice.

You say you realize the pros and cons but how can you rationally form an objective comparison if you base your opinion on misinformation? As I keep saying the multihull community abounds with statements that are not sensible, simple statements that make multihulls look good in comparison with monohulls.

For example hereís another general statement you made that really is meaningless but sounds convincing :
Originally Posted by smj View Post
Takes much more force to flip a cat than roll a mono.Ö.
Thatís meaningless unless you first fully define both craft, then the heading and the combination of wind and waves. IN naval architecture the study is called Response amplitude operators or RAOís. Itís a complex subject that certainly doesnít reduce to a simplistic statement. At least not without some considerable bias.
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