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Wind - There should be a book or two somewhere about first aid on the high seas. Depending on your age, and where you live, my advice would differ. If you and yours are over 40 and have any family history of heart attack, high blood pressure, or stroke, I would suggest getting an AED, Automatic External Defibrillator. If you are over 50, history doesn't matter, just get one. Getting an initial quick shock to a cardiac arrest victim is crucial in saving a life. If standard cpr, without shock, does not work within the first few minutes, its not going to. Remember that you can't shock traumatic arrest, meaning that if you get hit in the head with the boom and your heart stops because you are bleeding to death, the shock won't work. Anyway, I would also recommend that you take First Aid/CPR from somewhere. You will need hands on to learn how to do it right. Red Cross or American Heart Association is the best here in the States. You can really go overboard with stuff here, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscope, trauma dressings, ice packs, heat packs, thermometer, all kinds of things.
Off the top of my head, heres what I would bring:
Gauze rolls
4x4 pads
splints, maybe a traction splint
instant hot and cold packs
needle and thread for stitches
BP cuff
also if you know anyone that can get you antibiotics like penicillin, get it.

If you are bleeding, apply pressure and elevate the wound above the heart.
If its a sprain or similar, elevate, immobilize, and ice for at least an hour. Then alternate ice and hot. Take ibuprofen to reduce swelling.
Edit - I would second knotaloud's suggestion of survival classes, I have taken them and they are great. The premise is the same, you are in the middle of nowhere with no help, use whats around you.

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