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Originally Posted by sailingdog
Ummm.. that kind of rig would be really hard to set, without diving on it... and a royal PITA to retrieve. If you need a mooring for a 29' Islander, why not just use a standard three-anchor layout. Retrieving it and setting it is going to be far simpler.
I only have one anchor @ the moment, 22 pounder, I was planning on buying a bigger anchor. I figured I would have to dive if trying to user 2 anchor method along with the Block. A friend has his boat moored using the Bahamian style, but he complains about it twisting up from swinging around. I want to do something permanent that I can avoid the twisting as the wind and current have there way with the boat.

Originally Posted by Freesail99
What size Danforth ? I have either 35 or 43 pounders two of them.
I am wondering what size to buy to feel confident with out going too far overboard. I understand that for storm conditions I should go with an anchor one or two sizes larger, at the moment I believe the 22 pounder would be adequate for anchoring but I am feeling lost regarding the moring bit.

Originally Posted by USCGRET1990
As mentioned, if the block is clean and pretty much oil free, it will sink down into the mud and make a wonderful mooring anchor. With a good stout chain, I doubt any other anchors will be required. I know this from using mooring anchors in the muddy tributaries of the lower Chesapeake Bay area.
Now I am wondering if I set the 22 lb anchor and then connect the end of the chain to the bock and then lower it while it is taunt to the bottom with the rope comimg off the end of the block and to a moring ball would work? It seems that if the block moved as the current took it towards the anchor it would defeat the purpose of the anchor if the block actually got dragged across the bottom towards it.

I just about got the block taken completely apart, there are still a few parts to be removed before I clean it. I have another 6 cylinder block to take apart and clean and stick down there as well. The father of a guy I work with happens to own a Junk Yard.

I really want to make sure that what ever I do, it will first be safe as well as being as environmentally friendly as possible. This will pretty much be an attempt at making a permanent moring spot. I figure at least one anchor would give me the assurance I need without the complications of having to dive in order to shackle together the set anchors over the block.
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