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Re: How do you feel about catamarans?

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Huh? Are you confusing me with someone else, perhaps? Hell, I believe I've probably offered more cites or factual accounts during the course of this thread than any other poster, linking to the 1994 PACIFIC STORM SURVEY, citations from Steve Dashew, Peter Blake, accounts published in LATITUDE 38 and OCEAN NAVIGATOR in support of my opinion...

Meanwhile, still haven't seen any links from you that back such assertions as:

As far as safety, the insurance industry finds cat's and mono's to be almost an equal risk for the boats themselves. But they have found injury to crew to be an 8-9 times greater risk on a mono.

But the fact still remains that multihulls statistically flip as often as monos sink.

On the whole last I heard, the insurance companies considered the catamaran to be a slightly better risk than the monohull.

Look, I've already conceded that catamarans can have a great deal to recommend them, and can be a great choice for the type of cruising many people do... Many are obviously capable of completing ocean passages in comfort and safety. I freely admit my experience with large catamarans is limited, and I would not feel qualified to deliver one offshore, nor would I want to be caught out in gale or storm force conditions aboard one, and I believe the tactic of lying to a series drogue in SOME of the cruising cats I see out there could be a dreadful mistake in a serious storm... (As it would likely be for many of today's monohulls, as well )

On the other hand, if I hit the lottery and money was no object, I might seriously consider something like a Gunboat, or one of Chris White's Atlantic designs... If I wanted to spend a winter in the Bahamas, I'd concede that even the recently departed Alpha 42 could be tough to beat...

Just trying to counter some of these overly broad "facts" being tossed about this thread, is all...
My apologies, I was confusing you with someone else, except the discussion on the forces exerted on cats and monos which I did produce a link. And obviously you didn't like that link Can you produce a link that disputes Shuttleworths findings?
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