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Bristol 35

There''s your answer. I wouldn''t own a C(anuck) & C(anoe) on a bet, but for "new" buyers the first purchase tends to be situational. The right place, the right deal. I don''t race my B35 and I don''t burn more than a tank or two of fuel all summer long. I cruise the gulf of Maine at about 5.5 to 6 knots under sail - slow by any measure - but just because some bohunk didn''t put the Bristol in his book doesn''t mean it''s an "obsolete coastal cruiser." Watch and learn, grasshopper. There are 50++ year old BEAUTIFUL "obsolete" designs cruising the world and turning heads everywhere. I like Bristols, don''t like C&C''s. Wasshisname likes C&C''s, don''t like Bristols. It all revolves around familiarity, comfort, taste and personal knowledge. You wanna race, look at race boats. You want offshore comfort in the same price range, look at Bristols. You want a porker, look at Irwin. I don''t know where the idea comes froom that the B35 is "totally unsuitable for coastal cruising." After almost 7 years of cruising a 1972 Alden Yawl, I''ve got no complaints, and I enjoy racing J-24''s, but you''re comparing plastic to classic. Jeesh. Maybe you''d be best off ignoring us both, buying, say the book "This Old Boat" and a couple others and figure out what YOU''re looking for. Washtay, bwana. From the sunny VI - THAT''S why I can hold on to the sense of humor and minimize the give a crap factor. Besides, I''m in the process of buying an absolute PIG of a Herreshoff 50 for liveaboard. Built in Taiwan. Gotta have a sense of humor in that instance.....
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