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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
It's sad to see that boat just going down and down in price. Those people are taking a real bath. But that seems pretty typical with these BS boats. They just don't hold their value at all. He'll be lucky to get $15K - WAY less than was put into it. And they spent another $4K???? According to Bren't numbers, that 20 years worth of maintenance money!!!! How the hell did that happen?

Once again, Brent's numbers just don't add up. They never do.

All that "yachty" equipment is worth the $15K. You could just strip that out and scrap the rest of the boat and come out okay.
Or you could go do some care free cruising in her, without the constant worry of dinging something in the night ,and sinking quickly, as would be the case in a plastic boat ( which lose their entire value ,and end up being crushed to make concrete reinforcing)
Winston just sold his boat, quickly, for more than $10K more than she cost him.
I have been sailing my boat for nearly 30 years and have put nowhere near that kind of money into her. However living aboard her , and many Pacific crossings ,have saved me so much that a months wages a year at $30 an hour or less has covered all my living expenses. She owes me nothing.
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