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Re: Alternative to Solar

Originally Posted by Allmayer-Beck View Post
Thanks a lot for the different Ideas! I am actually consulting two inventors from the technical university of catalunia (UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), who are also part of the company SMALLE. They are very tech savvy and passionated about their product but don't really know if their product could be useful for sailors, so I am trying to find out how the product . The company itself is researching a lot in the field of renewable energy.
It would be very interesting to design a boat from scratch with the intend of being as green as possible. There is a German company, which is focusing on electric motors and they are working on a project which is called Deep Blue Hybrid. Check out the video, I really like the idea!

I am not able to post the link here but the company is called Torqeedo and under products you will find the deep blue hybrid!
Maximillian... took some time on reading some of your proposal and that of the SMALLE technical ideas from the inventors/researchers... what it looks like is the classic magnetic ball oscillating inside a tube surrounded by electrical coils picking up the EMF of the magnetized ball... this has been tried and the voltages are quite small (0.5v @ very low currents)... in fact one American inventor has patented such an invention using a toroid with the magnetic ball inside/coils outside which uses kinetic energy to produce an electric current... it works no different than the kinetic action of my mechanical watch.

See invention here:


Basically your inventors are trying to do the same thing (based on the pictures I saw) but in a linear motion which would work if you have about 24 of these devices to produce 12v total @ whatever current (efficiencies). The device would work by using the forward/stern and port/starboard motion of the boat... but this would produce far less electricity than a 12v 200 watt solar panel... many of these devices pop up with energy claims where the gas motor is to be shelved but in reality it produces far less efficiency and or claims are not what they really are.

Most of these use setups no different than this (there is no spring as shown... it is just showing the movement of the magnet oscillations graphically):

or more elaborate such as this:

Frankly I prefer the toroid coil generator as it makes energy is all axises.
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