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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Brent- Have any of your boats gotten a PHRF rating? Id so please share. Please note your absence of answering basic questions by several people multiple times is also apparently viewed as deceptive by many.
I am unaware of any of my boats getting a PHRF rating, as they are owned by cruisers not racers. It would be interesting tho.
I remember a school teacher in the 70s designing building and racing his own boat. He rigged her with galvanized rigging made his own sails and had one sheet winch. When it came to rating they looked at his galv rigging , the fact that he designed her himself with no previous experince in the field, made his own sails etc etc, rolled their eyes and laughed sarcastically, and gave him a dead low rating. He beat the others boat for boat. So, still not believing that sommeone with so little qualifications couold get it right, and admiting that their prejudices could possibly be wroing, they raied his PHRF rating slightly . Again he beat them boat for boat. That went on for a while, while the experts could never admitt that their snobby prejudices could possibly be wrong . He basically raced against their snobby prejudices!
That could work for a brentboat as well , especially an aluminium one, given the blindness of the snobs' prejudice against them.

As I cruise full time ,often away from the internet (you know ,cruising and sailing, the pastime that so many here give endless advice on, while rarely ever doing it?) there is no way I can possibly answer or respond to every comment or question made here, being so greatly outnumbered by people who have nothing else to do. That would require me to be on line as much as they are , and give up cruising! No way! The quick response some of them have to my posts, is an indicator that they are on line full time, all the time, leaving them little time to get any experience in the subject they claim to be such experts in.

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