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Originally Posted by scurvy
After getting the launches attention with a few blasts of the air horn, I asked if we might try to go back to channel 68 and see if he could hear my transmission...he could not, but I could receive his clear as a bell?
May or may not be informative. Doesn't really take much to receive. You could stick a coat hanger out the back and it would receive over that distance. But the transmitter, depending on design, may dislike something like that sufficiently that it would simply refuse to use it. (In layman's terms.)

Originally Posted by scurvy
When I depress the bar on the handset, the static/squelch cuts out as though it is making (or at least attempting) a transmission...
Well, we know the microphone switch is working and the radio is "seeing" it.

Originally Posted by scurvy
Any idea what might be plaguing my aging VHF Radio??? Time to get a new one?
When you press the transmit button, do listeners hear their squelch break, but simply no audio, or are you not even breaking their squelch? If the former: Bad microphone or coiled cord would be the most likely suspects. Issue in the radio's electronics my second guess.

If you're really not transmitting even a dead carrier, either the radio's transmitter section is kaput or possibly the transmission line (coax) or antenna are so out-of-whack the transmitter refuses to transmit out of a desire for self-preservation.

Got any Ham Radio friends? A competent Ham (no longer a guarantee, alas ) should be able to suss it out in short order.

If it is the radio: As to whether it's worth repairing or you're better-off replacing, well, that's a judgement call. If it were me, having a GPS capable of chatting with the newer radios--capable of both sending and receiving MOB and other digital distress data, and I could afford to do it, I think it'd be a good excuse to upgrade .

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