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Open ocean, hole in the hull

You are out on the ocean single-handed and you are taking a cat nap when suddenly you wake up to a bang. You've hit something! You jump up and run out to see what it was and you don't see anything out there. Immediately you look down into the boat and your heart sinks, there is some water in the bilge that wasn't there last time you looked.

What do you do ?

I mean what do you REALLY do ?

If you determine that there really is a hole of indeterminate size in the hull and you are taking on water, what do you do ?

I have been wondering about this. I see all these wooden plugs and various other things at the marine stores, in catalogs, etc, and I have read a few different thoughts on plugging up holes and that kind of thing. But really, what would YOU do ? Have you ever experienced something like this and had to make repairs out on the water to your hull ?

One reason I ask this is because I really have no idea what I would actually do in a situation like that. I am completely unprepared for this possibility. In fact, on my own boat I think I would have to go over the side to even figure out where a hole was if I had a hole in the hull. Reason being that my little boat has an outside hull and an inside fiberglass "something", I don't even know what you call it, interior, that makes it basically impossible to see the entire hull from the inside. Assuming the hole was in the front of the boat I could probably see that part of the hull, but then what ? Just start jamming stuff in the hole and start pumping the bilge ? Another reason I ask about this is that I would think that the boat would slip under the waves in a relatively short period of time with even a small hole in it, so whatever is going to be done would have to be quick I think. What do you do ?

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