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Please, a definitive word on battery stategy

OK, I'm a daysailor with cruising pretensions, by which I mean I have a 1976 Newport 28 with an inboard Atomic 4 gas engine, with a 24 series starting and deep cycle marine battery for the house, but yet never sail more than a few hours at a time. Right now I have a battery switch that is "make before break", but I do not think it is has the protection for the alternator if the switch is set to "off" while the engine is running. What I'm looking for is the most efficient charging strategy for my batteries. I've read beaucoup articles on this subject but can't figure out the best system for me.

Should I:

(1) run the blower off the starting battery , start the engine off that battery, then switch to "both" while the engine is running to recharge the starting and house batteries. Then run all accessories off the "house" battery while sailing, and switch to the starting battery to restart the engine and reset to "both'" to recharge while motoring back to the dock?


(2) set the switch on "both" to run the blower and start the engine, leave it there while motoring out, use the "house" battery while under sail only, then switch back to "both" to restart the engine and leave it there while motoring back in?

Under scenario 2 I fail to see the need for a starting battery at all, but only a big bank of deep cycle "house" batteries. I must be looking at this wrong; can someone explain what's best for my sailing situation?

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