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Re: safe cooking

Originally Posted by guitarguy56 View Post
George... let's look at it again... 1500 watt appliance running 1 hour will be 1.5 kwatts per hour... a 1500 watt appliance running on 110 volts is using 13.6 amps per hour...
NO. One hour at a current of 1.5kW is 1.5kWh (1.5 kilowatt-hours)

Originally Posted by guitarguy56 View Post
...ask any electrical engineer, electrician, etc....
Be my guest

Originally Posted by guitarguy56 View Post
...the usage of watts drops as the appliance is reduced in time per minute.

Here is a simple calculator:

Calculate the Costs to Use Electricity - WebMath
Use that calculator. 1500 Watts for one hour equals 1.5kWh (kilowatt-hours, NOT kilowatts per hour)

Originally Posted by guitarguy56 View Post
...add the 1500 watts and the number of mintues... see if you don't get the same answers I shown you... you may have to convert kwatt hours to minutes to get the actual watt/minute usage.

Does it make a little more sense now?
Maybe in your universe. On Earth, a Watt is a joule/sec or a volt-amp. Check any, ANY, freshman physics book, or even Wikipedia.
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