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Uh, Camaraderie on any topic involving GPS?

I guess that doesn't count.

OK, these are from a past life at sea:

Five short blasts on the ship's horn. At anchor on a clear night, it's like an injection of concentrated caffeine to a vein. In fog, at sea speed, with limited manoeuvering room; see "oh ****" above.

Any time, anywhere, heard in a loud, commanding voice; "Hard Right!"

Any ship's PA announcement followed by, "this is not a drill".

The sound of a steam turbine losing vacuume. This presages the engine room losing all power, both propulsion and ship's service. Sounds kinda like a jet turbine winding down. It means, even though you're four decks down in the hold, w/o your flashlight, the lights are about to really go out.

Whilst sailing:

While sailing along in ten fathoms of water purported, the news from the bow: "the water is so clear here, I can even see the big rocks on the bottom".

Upon acheiving thirty degrees angle of heel; virtually any answer to, "Dear, where did you put the cell phone?"

Other spouse related sounds; Why is that buoy following us? and, What line is that? (pointing to the wake) Or, "Honey, do you want me to pump this water out?" (what water?)

VHF sounds: Upon seeing a yellow towing light above a stern light, broad on the starboard bow, "Hey, sailboat skipper. Ya know there's a gravel barge back there about a thousand feet". (unspoken, "connected to me by a not so tiny wire")

Another "good" VHF sound, heard in foggy conditions: "Small vessel ahead of me, this is the Mesabi Miner, come in" followed by, in the same transmission, presumably to the helmsman, "Hard Right!" Great Lakes sailors might know that one.

Most of the others, while more common, are on the order of nuisances: halyard slap; one energetic mosquito at night; wives, out of a sound sleep, with the dumb question of the night, "honey, if I die, will you......"

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