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Re: Financing a Family Circumnavigation

I don't think i know enough about sailing to reply to this but i do know a little about budgeting and living without a lot of money.
Firstly i honestly do not see how cruising would cost so much per year. what are they spending the money on? i feed myself and 4 others on less then 400 a month that is 4,800 dollars (it would most likely be even less since most of the stuff we eat, you couldn't take on a boat cruising because it would spoil) whats the other 25,000 dollars for? obviously i dunno how much it is to live in other countries but if you are cruising, i assume you are not "living" in places as much as sailing past them, so i assume the money is for food and fuel, i have other posts on how i would cut the cost of food down to practically nothing,so i wont go into it here, i just think a lot of people cruise, and i think a lot of people are doing it for less then the numbers i see being projected., i have seen you tube videos of people who work between trips though . a lot of cruisers seem to be retired people also with fixed incomes and stuff. i think cruising is like everything else, I've seen people who make 37 dollars an hour piss and moan about being broke, wile i live pretty happily on so much less, i think the trick to cruising is actually sacrifice, you are going to have to give stuff up to go , i really don't think you are going to be able to sail a 20 year old 37' around for 2 years and then resell it for 100 grand. there is to many newer boats for less. but like i said, i am ignorant of sailing right now, and the cost of sailing SO i could just have really optimistic ideals about the cost of it or something, i think i could cruise for a lot less then 30k budget though.
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