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Re: safe cooking

"Hmmm...alcohol stoves can't cook pasta? "
Not that they can't, but no cold burner is going to get a BIG pot of water to a rolling boil in a reasonable time, compared to a burner with twice as many BTUs. With some burners at 6800 and others at 11000 and that superburner at 17000...
Hey, I had a home stove that always had yellow flames on the burners, no matter how I adjusted them. With "municipal" piped gas. I finally called the gas company and they guessed it was simply so old, leftover from maybe 1940, that they thought it might have been designed for "coal gas" and it simply never would be able to make a modern blue flame. It has cold burners, no way to improve them.

Granted I've never boiled a corned beef or a really big pot of lobsters on a boat...but I've used some large pots and wee chilly burners just don't get them going in a reasonable time. They won't get a wok sizzling, they won't sear a steak in a cast iron pan, they' just adequate for the smaller lighter tasks. Which is fine if that floats your boat. But 5-6,000 but? Really? Just 'cause I can grill sushi over a Zippo lighter, doesn't mean that's a really great way to do it.

The old Coleman fuel (gasoline) stoves were around 7000 BTU each burner. Newer ones may run 10000 BTU.

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