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I know it''s late, but I had to work the freaking late shift again at the boat store, and it looks like I may be doing so til the end of time or the finding of another job.

Anyway, there are plenty of sharks off the Carolina shore (like Myrtle Beach - I used to live in Little River). Just as there are many sharks in any coastal area. As stated above, just because you don''t see them, don''t think they aren''t there. The most aggresive I ever saw was, believe or not, a blue tip that followed our boat from just out of the jetty til it lost interest. This was right after a week of tumultuous storms in the area. I only hope it didn''t turn back and bite a swimmer. Unfortunately, and against my wishes, others aboard threw him bits of meat and such - there were a few onboard who did throw morsels of their lunch overboard to tempt him, and he devoured every one. There are many, many breeds, and many temperaments. I have been circled for 4 days, while becalmed (later we learned to take more fuel), with nothing more than a languid glance from a 15 foot thresher. He appreciated the leftovers thrown overboard - became like a big pet that ate the leftover chicken and broccoli and such. Now, when you are 1,000 miles out - there is nowhere to put your garbage! He was persistent, I must say, obviously responding to the resonating sounds from the boom, but never ever made an effort to attack while I was on the transom washing out the pots from dinner. Needless to say, I didn''t get the nerve up to do this til he had been around a day. After a day and a half, my thought was, if he eats me, who is the one throwing him the grub, cause the others were too afraid to even lean over the gunwale, he won''t get anything else to eat. I sent that vibe out, and it worked, I guess, cause I was the one who volunteered to wash out the pots and he never made a move on me. Believe me, I was barely hanging out there, and always ready to jump back. On the afternoon of the fourth day we actually got to set some sail. He left. I saved some of my chicken and broccoli and rice that night, covering it with plastic wrap, hoping he would come back. I was awakened for my watch - the midwatch, my least fave. I took my bowl to the cockpit, ate some of it. It was a full moon. About 45 minutes into my watch - there he was. He stayed with us the next 2 days, only coming close at night, for some reason, getting a scream or two from the other crew member (a ''well-seasoned sailor'' who wrote, at the time, for a prominent sailing magazine). So, even the most vicious denizens of the deep can be tamed for a bit by broccoli, I suppose.

NOT recommending ever tossing anything overboard for the feeding of sharks, just sharing my story of life at sea.

Fair Winds,
and remember, this is their home,
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