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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by shank32095 View Post
We didn't even go there. Water was in abundance next to the waterfall and we went with a typical septic system with tank and drainfield. The septic systems in Costa Rica work quite well due to all the critters that break down the waste. The real challenge was due to the fact we have like 600 earthquakes per year and dealing with the reaction issues. The central column handles all the weight of reaction and the wind shear. It might be possible to cantilever in two directions but that would be quite the balancing act. Instead we used a combination of cantilevers plus threaded rods extending down from the top of the central column along all for corners. The design was nice and all but taking it to reality was pretty special. What made this deal practical was the fact is was far more labor intensive and consumed much less materials than a typical home. Labor in Costa Rica being like a tenth of what it would be in North Florida where I was a contractor. All of the lumber was teak taken from a large teak farm I own nearby. Labor in the states along with all the associated costs would have doomed this project from the jump.
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