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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by CatMan22 View Post
OK, enough is enough. I have read every freaking post on this thread since inception and have laughed at the banter and groaned at the sometime childish slander of other members, but "scrap piles" really. This thread started out about pros and cons of steel boats and now has turned into the maritime version of American Pickers. I mean I have read about park benches, recycled cabinets, steel and wood scrounged from construction sites and now scrap piles, give me a break. Do the world a favor, go off on an extended cruise with no wifi or means to communicate and give verbal dissertations to the locals on how they too can circumnavigate if they just visit the local refuse center and stock pile another mans unwanted items. But short of that, leave the I can build a boat out of your unwanted crap off this thread, because personally if i wanted to sail a garbage scow I'd just put pontoons on a dumpster and call a circus company and ask them for their trashed out tents and make sails out of them.
In terms of function, a Balmar alternator costing hundreds of dollars, on a diesel, has absolutely no advantage over an autowreckers alternator of the same output. Spending hundreds of dollars on gear which you can get the equivalent for next to nothing, is a total suckers game. This is what keeps them on the treadmill, working, instead of free to do whatever they want, any time they please.
The difference is the cruisers I met, who worked their entire lives to get where I was in my early 20s. Do I wish I had spent my life working, to be "stylish" and slavishly following the priorities dictated to me by the ship swindlers? Not a chance!
I'll continue sailing, while the gullible go to work to pay for your expensive bad advice.
Great sailing lately. Been a much warmer and dryer winter here than normal, Burned barely a cup of diesel in many days sailing. Rare on the BC coast .
I entertain myself in the mornings, by listening to the traffic report on how those who follow your advice are spending their time. Then I cut a fart in their honour, and go back to sleep for another hour!
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