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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post

That is very funny.

Brent the boat is a true composite with everything in it from red cedar strip planked hull, no framing, to a grp and foam deck to carbon details, all cored interior, no plywood, to a steel keel floor system. You name it we have it. It kind of defines "composite". This is truly not a dumpster diver's boat.

Come on down Brent. I'll take you through the boat. I'll even take you sailing. But I'm pretty certain that you do not want a face to face meeting with me.
A strip planked hull is held together by friction,
It's a bit of stretch to suggest that a steel hull held together with welds of 60,000 to 70,000psi tensile strength may not be strong enough ,due to lack of structural engineering, so one should instead choose a hull held together by "Friction."
Anyone implying such , clearly has a problem comprehending structural engineering, and a credibility problem on the subject.
I have copied your threats made on line Bob, so my ass is covered legally when we meet. You can find me on West Cortes Island in the summer swimming months. Bring along one of your plastic boats and we can have a demolition derby.don't go to the US anymore, the legal industry there is just too loony.
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