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When we bought our boat the last two boats on the list was caliber and IP.
The caliber was and is IMHO a more as aesthetically pleasing boat. It has a lot less windage above the water and less wetted surface. so its a little faster.
I Can tell you that everything on our boat is rock solid and I would not hesitate to take it anywhere. They are over built and this is coming from the king of over build. If four layers of glass is sufficient 8 layers is just right.
When I visited the factory George walked me through the intire construction process, There were several boat in various stages of completion, and you could see the attention to detail in places that you would never see looking at a completed boat. No chopper guns all the hulls are laid up by hand. some things should be left to us lowly humans. the whole shop was absolutely spotless that means a lot to me, It shows you something about the attitude of the employees.
My Third stop was to look at a boat that was one year older than ours that had just returned from a seven year circumnavigation. with exception of a chain plate that had a minor leak and some water damaged wood work in the galley companionway area the boat appeared on initial inspection to be in excellent condition for the amount of time and distance it had traveled.
That pretty much sealed my fate.
I like the lay out. I see the tight nav station as an advantage, at sea you can wedge yourself in and use both hands for charting and other chores.
the separate shower stall is great. at anchor, and in calm weather, you don't have to put every thing up to keep from soaking it while you shower.
we don't have A/C so we appreciate all of the ports and hatches.
I have nothing against the IP It is a beautiful boat. That has been being built for along time and they hold their value. but I think a lot of their price is name driven. I think I got more boat per buck than than I could have if I had gone with the IP.
I may be wrong on this but I believe both of the Mcreary brothers worked for IP at one time.
Better, who knows?
Just for GP
I started working on boats full time just out of high school. I have held a 100 ton masters license for 21 years,(my primary source of income)
I have been involved in the construction of eight
100 ton USCG certified vessels and a couple hand fulls of house boats and power boats. with the Last two boats (The ones I am presently in charge of) I was for all practical purposes the builder since he was not present do to financial and legal problems.

Hope this helps

I think we would have been just as happy with a thirty five.

I just wish I got payed by caliber for this

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