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Originally Posted by xort View Post
[...] just clarifying via heresay!
I love that line. It ranks up there with one of my other favorites - "I've already told you more than I know."

I remember reading something a while back about a scheme that would turn airliners into the equivalent of cell towers, but with a greater range. The idea was that connections would be bursty; basically you would have connectivity only while a plane was visible, but for really remote locations, that would be better than nothing especially for email or other things that could be batched up. It was held up while being tested to make sure it would not affect the airliners' systems, but the article I read said that interference issue is overblown; airliners have always been shielded heavily because the most critical operations - takeoff and landing - have always been in areas of intense interference on virtually every wave length. I haven't heard anything about it recently though. It could have been in Popular Science (the high tech equivalent of Weekly World News ) or something like that though.
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