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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

I think a stability curve of Frankie with her narrow beam, will clearly demonstrate the huge improvement of AVS to be gained by a narrow beam. I believe her AVS will be extremely high, compared to most super beamy, modern flush deckers, for exactly that reason.
A comparison of Frankies AVS with that of a wide beamed flush decker would be very informative.

If you don't like the stability curve of any boat, how do you improve it? Narrower beam . I've already done that on mine. She is very moderate in this respect. Or you can avoid flush decks and go higher on your cabin top camber. I have done that too ( as has Frankie). Or you can add a wheelhouse with over 3,000 lbs of buoyancy, the equivalent of adding thousands of pounds to the keel in the inverted position, along with a hatch capable of keeping water out in the inverted position. I have done that too.
So if you seek a boat with a high AVS, looking for all the above factors in a design will give you what you seek.
As for Bobs childish insults, that is just the booze talking. He is more rational sober, but who isn't?
Sad that stuff takes over so many lives.
Be careful with that stuff, Bob.

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