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How''''s this boat sound for the money???

This almost sounds like a bad joke, but if it is not, then boy do you guys need to slow down a bit and spend some time learning about desireable design features of an offshore boat. I don''t have time this evening to get into detail but lets start with the big stuff. A 49 footer is a huge boat for a first boat. I just about don''t care how much experience you have sailing other people''s boat, 49 feet is a huge first boat and when things go really awry,as they easily do on boats this size, people get killed and maimed and expensive damage gets done. 49 footers are no joke.

Then look at the displacement. 28 tons, which in marine tons is 57,120 lbs, is roughly 2 1/2 to 3 times what a boat this size should weigh. Weight does absolutely nothing good for a boat. It does not add strength, it does not add stability, and it does not add seaworthiness. It simple adds weight and bulk. That means a lot more fuel burned and the need for a lot more sail area to safely sail that heavy a boat. It means a lot bigger sail handling gear, a lot bigger loads and a lot bigger chance to do serious damage if something goes wrong. With that kind of displacement you would expect a minimum of 17000 of so lbs of ballast to safely sail that boat in offshore conditions with more like 22000 being a more ideal minimum amount of ballast for a boat of that sheer weight. This boat has only 5,000 lbs of ballast.

I know the Lehman Ford 85 horsepower diesels reasonably well. My Dad has one in his boat. They are a good engine but they are suitable for a boat with a displacement of maybe 24,000 -27000 lbs but not for a boat of 57000 lbs.

9 foot is an enormous depth and while there are certainly boats with that draft that do cruise the Caribbean it means really doing careful navigation and being willing to anchor out in no man''s land and dinghy a few miles in.

Add to that that you are talking about a 25 year old, 49 foot, home built wooden boat that is in need of refit. Do you guys have the small fortune that it would take to make a boat like that a passage maker. Even if you did your own work you could easily end up with tens of thousands of dollars into this boat more than it would ever be worth in the marketplace. With all due respect, this really sounds like heartbreak going somewhere to happen. If you were wizend old sailors who had owned a few woodenboats and had had excellent boat maintenance, sailing/ seamanship, and boat building skills and you had some reason to want a motor sailor which will be neither a good sailboat or good motor boat then this might make sense. But without a high level of skills and some specifioc reason that a boat like this actually makes sense, then I would run, not walk in the opposite direction.

And no this does not sound like a good deal. If the owner gave you $20 grand and a chainsaw to take this off his hands then that might be a good deal but perhaps not even that is a good deal with the current cost at landfills these days.

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