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Opinions vary on this.

All I can tell you is what I'm doing.

For me it's driven by cost/benefit, and wet cells win. Too much of a premium on gel cells, and I don't like their charge characteristics. With a wet cell I know what I'm getting, and I like how much I'm paying for it.

Edit, and I will add this too. Arizona Wind and Sun is a big outfit that sells a lot of solar panels and systems for homes and other uses. Here is what they say in their Deep Cycle Battery FAQ about Gel Cells. See the bold print below (added for emphasis).

Originally Posted by Deep Cycle Battery FAQ
Some other disadvantages of gel cells is that they must be charged at a lower voltage (2/10th's less) than flooded or AGM batteries. If overcharged, voids can develop in the gel which will never heal, causing a loss in battery capacity. In hot climates, water loss can be enough over 2-4 years to cause premature battery death. It is for this and other reasons that we no longer sell any of the gelled cells except for replacement use. The newer AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries have all the advantages (and then some) of gelled, with none of the disadvantages.
And then later in their FAQ they say this ...

Originally Posted by Deep Cycle Battery FAQ
Even with all the advantages listed above, there is still a place for the standard flooded deep cycle battery. AGM's will cost 2 to 3 times as much as flooded batteries of the same capacity. In many installations, where the batteries are set in an area where you don't have to worry about fumes or leakage, a standard or industrial deep cycle is a better economic choice. AGM batteries main advantages are no maintenance, completely sealed against fumes, Hydrogen, or leakage, non-spilling even if they are broken, and can survive most freezes. Not everyone needs these features.
Which pretty well sums up why I am using wet cells.

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