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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by mitiempo View Post
I agree Bob, let's see more good looking steel boats. Like this one.

45' Waterline built in 1995. Currently listed by Swiftsure in Seattle
Swiftsure Yachts (Seattle, WA)

Whats the price tag on that one? How any decades of cruising freedom does the average wage earner have to give up for that kind of "style over substance"? Will the joys of having that kind of interior, for a short remaining portion of one's life, be more fun than spending the same amount of money playing full time, for decades? Is posting pictures of a new, unlived in interior, as a comparison to one which has been lived in for decades ,an attempt to mislead.
Are would be cruisers who are gullible enough to buy it, likely to spend as much of their lives cruising, as someone with more practical, utilitarian priorities? Will they have more fun than those who took the "low cost, what works" route, instead of the "work most of your lives away, for the priorities of others" route?

Comparing new boats with brand new interiors and bilges, or recently completely refit and repainted, with those of boats which have been used and lived aboard for decades, and actually gone a lot of places, is deliberately misleading (ie. lying?)

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