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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by shank32095 View Post
Brent, Enough already, why can you not just lighten up. I live in Bahia Brazil and see my fair share of dumpster diving on a daily basis. People don't do this because they want to, they do it to survive. They don't do it so they can brag about how they have a bunch of time to hang on the beach while all the successful people are at work earning an income that will allow them to live their individual perception of a good life. So be it that there are folks out there with limited funds who would like to sail but can only afford one of your boats built of refuse. You have grasp a very, very small portion of the market that don't care if their boats look like crap and have much more time than money/job so as to spend attempting to finish a boat you tack together in a weekend. Your clients are a really small percentage of sailors yet you continually rant that anyone that wishes to purchase an expensive beautiful vessel is ignorant and should adhere to the gospel of BS. Just barely below the surface of your rants there lies a thick layer of obvious envy towards those more accomplished than you and those with more resources. Fact is there are many people like myself that have worked hard and smart and we think nothing of throwing down a half million for a vessel that makes us happy. Personally I would not take one of your BS boats if you gave it to me but then again I am amazed how much money someone else might pay for such a boat, it amounts to infinitely too much ! Different strokes for different folks. I appears to me that everyone on this blog, especially you, would be served well by just sharing information and not condemnation.
I share the information that one can cruise without needing a lot of money, for which elitists, and those selling overpriced and inferior boats and equipment , are constantly attacking me.
Those who use resourcefulness and innovation instead of money are probably a tiny percentage of the marina queen crowd you meet in marinas, especially in Brazil, but they are over 95% of the people I meet here out cruising full time, who never tie up in marinas , who marina occupants are unlikely to meet all that often ,and who don't believe in giving up the cost of full time cruising for a lifestyle which involves working 11 months a year while their boats lie dormant in a marina. The marina crowd's cruising is made up of getting drunk in a yacht club bar, while spouting cruising advice for those who do what the marina queen crowd keep giving uninformed advice on , to those who are actually doing what the marina crowd keep talking about ,but only do a month or less a year.
My posts are aimed at people who cruise in Canada, where there is a large percentage of people who are neither rich nor poor, unlike some countries where there are only super rich or desperately poor, and the former never meeting the latter , convince themselves that they don't exist..
Lately I have been meeting increasing numbers of people over 70 who are cruising full time, year round, and don't stay in marinas for the winters, if ever.

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