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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post

Whats the price tag on that one? How any decades of cruising freedom does the average wage earner have to give up for that kind of "style over substance"? Will the joys of having that kind of interior, for a short remaining portion of one's life, be more fun than spending the same amount of money playing full time, for decades? Is posting pictures of a new, unlived in interior, as a comparison to one which has been lived in for decades ,an attempt to mislead.
Are would be cruisers who are gullible enough to buy it, likely to spend as much of their lives cruising, as someone with more practical, utilitarian priorities? Will they have more fun than those who took the "low cost, what works" route, instead of the "work most of your lives away, for the priorities of others" route?
I'm beginning to think that you got your 10 layers of slopped on interior epoxy confused with lead based paint. Do you really not get that not everybody in the world wants to live like you? I'm an average wage earner and I'm well aware that a boat such as that will most likely forever be out of my reach, but I still think it is a beautiful boat and hope that whoever has both the means and the desire to own such a gorgeous vessel never looses the love for her. The boat that I buy will most likely be an older, proven vessel. That's not to say that I wont fix her up and show her some love. And no matter what harbor we sail into, I will still love her and be proud of her no matter what anybody, especially a closed minded holier than thou hermit, thinks about it. I agree with Bob. Those Swain boats that look good have the love of their owner/builder to thank, not you nor your self proclaimed design work. I would say that the owner of that Waterline will have as much fun, if not more than the owner of one of your boats. You want to talk about utilitarian? About practical? I have a car that I drive strictly for work because I travel very far to jobsites. It get's me where I need to be, when I need to be there. I don't wash it, the rain does that. I don't care if it gets scratched, it's a work car. It's full of dust and God knows what else from piling my tools in it. Hell, the tools it carries are worth more than the car itself. And then there is my truck. It's my baby! It carries my kayak and camping gear. I keep it clean and neat. I wouldn't sell it for anything. That's the difference between your boats and the Waterline. You just can't seem to get that through your head and apparently your not even capable of respecting the choices or tastes of others. If you want respect, you better be willing to give it. Otherwise, you're just a hypocrite.
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