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Re: Practising to be a liveaboard

rent an efficiency apartment , pile your luggage inside the front door so you have to climb over it every time you enter or leave. Now cut the room in half so you'll have 3-400 square feet to use. Now pile everything you own into what's left of your space making sure whatever you need next will be on the bottom. Buy 3 or 4 humidifiers and run them constantly, oh and turn the ac to 50 deg. Arrange your bed so you have to climb in then turn around to sleep or turn around to get out of it. Hang a bunch of heavy objects just below head high and take half of the light bulbs out and throw them way.Cover the bottom half of your windows with tin foil so you have to be 6'6" to see out.
Now, put 74 dirty socks and a banana in a bag and hide it somewhere you can forget. Move the smoke detector within 10' of the toaster.Put a large ice chest in the fridge and only use it, you'll have to take it part way out to open the top with one hand while trying to balance it on your knee with the other.
Now, after all this if your partner of choice gets to feeling frisky, crawl into your rack and remember not to bang your head (or your ass)on all the crap hanging from the over head.
............enough?.....I've got more.....We've been aboard for a year and a half...
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