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I don't know if I have told this story before.
If you have already heard it than please disregard.
Not so much a bonehead move, but I thought it was hysterical.

After our initial shake out of the new to us boat, we began our journey from Lake St. Claire, up the St. Claire River, up Huron, through the Straits and down Michigan.
Our first day was spent motoring up the St. Claire River. In itself this was very uneventful. Upon reaching the City of Port Huron, we had anticipated staying at the City Marina which is located up a small; very small river; The Black River. The Black River is some what congested, with slips, restaurants, and small marinas on both sides. With the boats moored on both sides of the river, it made for a fairly tight squeeze for us.

To get to the City Docks, you have to pass under two lift bridges.
We arrived late in the afternoon/early evening. The bridges are opened on demand as requested.

We approach the first bridge, I get out the air horn, and I give one long and one short. As I am giving the last short, the horn looses pressure and fades away into "I got nothing left."

The bridge opens (Thankfully) and we pass through.

Now we are in the small Black River, between the two bridges, with no horn. I try the radio with no luck. I thought possibly the tender would open upon seeing us, again, no such luck. Suddenly I remember that the PO had left us one of those emergency type horns that you manually blow through. I run down to the nav desk and grab it.

I hand this contraption over to my teenage daughter and say, "Samantha, you play the trumpet, you blow on this thing. One long and one short."

My daughter looks at me like I have some sort of defect growing out of my head and says, "I'm not blowing that thing. You do it."

Teenagers, sometimes you just want to kill 'em.
I blow the manual horn. It sounds like a dying cow, one long and one short. The bridge immediately opens and we pass through.

The dying cow horn worked as well as any fancy air horn out there.
I since have gotten the air horn that you can blow up with a small air pump. When it runs out, you simply pump it back up.

The Moral of the story; The Dying Cow horn works in a bind.

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